At UK Property Finance, we know that businesses in the industrial sector are particularly vulnerable to financial shortfalls and cash flow shortages. We also understand how time-critical many major investment and expansion opportunities are for factories and industrial entities.

That is why we are proud to offer an extensive range of specialist financial services for factories and industrial businesses, including flexible and affordable bridging loans. Whether you are considering a major industrial property purchase or looking to cover the costs of urgent renovations, you will find our bridging finance unbeatable.

Industrial and factory bridging loans

When you simply need a quick cash injection for any purpose to be repaid a few months down the line, a specialist bridging loan could be just the thing.

Examples of popular applications for our industrial and factory bridging loans:

  • Buying warehousing facilities.
  • Extending current premises.
  • Conducting major renovations.
  • Addressing time-critical repairs.
  • Buying vehicles and shipping supplies.
  • Purchasing properties at auction.
  • Buying land for property developments.
  • Major equipment and machinery purchases.
  • Addressing general financial shortfalls.

Unlike most business loans and conventional mortgages, a bridging loan can be used for almost any legal purpose whatsoever.

What is an industrial or factory bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a specialist type of secured loan, providing fast access to significant sums of money for almost any purpose. Designed to be repaid within a matter of months, bridging loans can be exponentially more affordable and accessible than comparable mortgages or business loans.

Bridging finance can also be much faster and easier to arrange, and it can provide access to the funds required in as little as five working days.

Additional features and benefits of our flexible industrial bridging loans include the following:

  • Borrow against numerous assets.
  • No proof of income is required.
  • Poor credit applicants are welcome.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd charge loans are available.
  • Interest rates are less than 0.55% per month.
  • LTV of up to 100%.
  • Various assets are acceptable as security.
  • Loans available from £50k to £50m.
  • Funds are transferred within five working days.
  • Available to most types of businesses.

High-quality, low-cost factory bridging loans

Operating as a fully independent broker with a flawless track record, UK Property Finance is committed to providing honest and objective advice on all aspects of bridging finance. Our extensive experience working with industrial businesses enables us to confidently represent the clients we work with, negotiating hard on their behalf to secure an unbeatable deal.