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Compare Bridging loans with UK Property Finance, no need to wait on Halifax Bank

Low interest UK bridging finance – flexible terms

When you are looking for a fast and uncomplicated short-term finance product to bridge the gap between buying your new home whilst waiting for a sale to go through on your existing property, a bridging loan arranged through an expert broker such as ourselves is an incredibly attractive option.

With low interest rates, reduced borrowing restrictions and unrivalled flexibility, our whole of market bridging products represent unrivalled value for money. The speed at which they can be arranged is another important factor when considering the full range of borrowing options available, with most applicants gaining access to the funds they need in around a week.

The benefits of a bridge loan:

* Flexible funding, from £25k to £50 million.
* Available for residential and commercial borrowers.
* Repayment terms from 1 – 24 months and with monthly interest charges.
* Funds can be released quickly – for urgent property purchases or business financing needs.
* Low interest rates – we search the entire UK bridging loan market for you.
* Interest can be roll-up and added to loan sum.

How can UKPF’s bridging loan help you in comparison to a Halifax loan?

Bridging loans can be used to solve all manner of short-term financing problems. In fact, many property investors and residential homeowners rely heavily on bridging products in order to deal with time-critical cash flow issues that they would otherwise struggle to solve, such as financing the purchase of auction property, dealing with mortgage chain problems and for funding development projects. Getting a bridging loan accepted from UK Property Finance Ltd could be a lot more affordable than a bridging loan from Halifax and you could get the funds a lot quicker.

UK Bridge Loan Types

There are two different types of bridging loan available and these are ‘open’ and ‘closed bridging loans. With an open bridging loan you can use the equity in your property to finance the purchase of a new one, even if there is no contract in place and you are still waiting for a suitable buyer to show up. If you have plenty of equity in your home, you chances of approval will be quite high, although some lenders are reluctant to provide open bridging finance as there is always a risk that the property may not sell within a fixed timeframe.

Get the best deal on UK bridging finance

Closed bridging loans, on the other hand, are much easier to access. These are available for residential homeowners and commercial property investors who have already exchanged contracts on a sale and are simply awaiting payment. To work out how much either type of bridging finance is likely to cost, you can use our bridge loan calculator, which will also enable you to obtain a number of free, no-obligation quotes from lenders across the whole market so you can compare the rates to Halifax bank or other Lenders.

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The advice and processing on all financial products introduced via this website will be handled by UK Property Finance Ltd, which is authorised by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) no 667602. The FCA do not regulate all mortgages such as Buy to Let and Commercial. Think carefully before securing debts against your home. Your property could be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it.

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