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A unique loan provider with an established reputation across the United Kingdom, BloomSmith specialises in VAT loans exclusively for the real-estate market of Great Britain. BloomSmith provides unsecured loans with no charge required on the property and is able to help customers meet their VAT obligations in as little as five days. Recognised by the vast majority of major lenders and senior financial authorities on the UK market, BloomSmith offers its services to investors and developers at all levels.

VAT liability is often a major consideration for anyone looking to purchase a property. The problem being that traditional mortgage lenders don’t typically provide loans in excess of 60% LTV, meaning that the remaining 40% equity is required, along with acquisition costs of anything from 5% to 7%. On top of all this, a full 20% of the property’s value is payable in the form of VAT upon completion of the sale. Depending on the specifics of the deal, this VAT payment can jeopardise the success of the whole transaction.

Established in 2013, BloomSmith helps cover VAT payments for property buyers at the time of acquisition. Simplifying the process of meeting VAT obligations as quickly and easily as possible, the BloomSmith team pays the vendor the required VAT at the point of purchase, by way of an unsecured facility procured by the buyer. Every aspect of the VAT registration and repayment process in its entirety is managed with HMRC by BloomSmith on behalf of the client. The VAT is later recovered from HMRC, hence no security being required for the loan.

Here at UK Property Finance, we can help you gain access to the flexible and intelligent financial products you need at the lowest possible price. We work with a variety of independent lenders like BloomSmith, comparing and contrasting products from across the UK to bring our customers the best possible deals.

Comparing Monthly Bridging Loan Interest Rate To BloomSmith

Based on a loan of £100,000.

Note £
BridgingLoans.co.uk 0.43% £430
BloomSmith % N/A £ set fee payable
Monthly Saving with BL.co.uk £ TBC

BloomSmith Finance Details

Phone Number: 020 3488 3411
Email Address: vat@bloomsmith.co.uk
Business Address: 3 Astwood Mews, London, SW7 4DE

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