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Unable to access the dynamic funding you need from Nationwide? Typical High Street loans not up to the job? Trust UK Property Finance to set you up with the loan you need at an affordable price and in the fastest possible time!  We guarantee quick and convenient approval on loans from £30,000 to £10,000,000 for all purposes. If your needs simply aren’t covered by Nationwide’s product portfolio, one call to our experts is all it takes!

Bridging Loan Types Available

Unlike major lenders like Nationwide, we work hard to maximise flexibility and accessibility for our customers. Our bridging loans are available for a wide variety of applications, with exclusive deals available from leading independent lenders.

Contact a member of our customer support team to discuss the following bridging loan types:

Property Auction Finance

Bridging loans can be great for making use of unmissable opportunities at auction. If a deal on a property comes along that’s simply too good to pass up, why not apply for an affordable bridging loan and take full advantage of it?  The funds you need could be available in a matter of hours.

Land Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is also available to secure purchases on land for all purposes.  Once again, secure the funding you need with ease and don’t let the opportunity slip you by.

Residential Property Loan

Most mainstream lenders like Nationwide offer a relatively limited range of residential property loans – aka mortgages. By contrast, bridging loans can be tailored to meet the exact requirements and financial situation of the respective borrower. All with significantly lower rates of interest and overall borrowing costs.

Open Bridging Finance

An open bridging loan is a loan that doesn’t have a final closure date specified at the time of application. This provides the borrower with an added degree of flexibility, though can result in slightly higher borrowing costs.

Closed Bridging Finance

The opposite is closed bridging finance, which refers to a loan agreement where the final repayment date (exit plan) is agreed and set in stone ahead of time.  Closed bridging finance is typically more affordable than open bridging finance, depending on the size and nature of the loan.

Commercial Bridging Loans

As the name suggests, commercial bridging loans are provided for almost any commercial or business purpose. Small businesses in particular often need urgent cash injections to cover unexpected costs, which is where the typical High Street lender is unable to provide support.

Bridging Loans for House Purchase

Both for investors and domestic borrowers alike, bridging loans for a house purchase can be uniquely convenient and affordable. If you’re looking to buy your dream home before agreeing on a final sale for your current property, you could secure the funds you need through bridging finance.

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Whatever your requirements, you can count on UK Property Finance to set you up with your ideal bridging loan from a leading UK lender. Contact a member of our customer support team today to discuss the available options in more detail.

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