6 Super Property Apps to Help You Decorate and Design Your Home

When adding value to your home there are some basic thing to keep in mind especially if you are doing your property up to sell on the market for the highest value.  Here are some of the latest additions in the form of Apps to help you get thru the minefield of the whole process from top to bottom so you get it bang on first time every time.

There can be problems if things you are trying to achieve are not planned out correctly and/or you have not thought them thru from the beginning correctly.  These apps are designed to help you with the whole process from top to bottom so you get what you want in the end result adding the personal touches to the final look.  From knocking out walls, adding a conservatory, fitting a new kitchen or bathroom, flooring, wallpapering and all the way to the colour match you are looking for to the painting.

”Most people want to get the best value for their homes and one of the fastest ways to get that sale price you are looking for is to redecorate and or remodel the home.  That being said it has to be done correctly from the off whether it’s a major or minimal overhaul.” – Nick Marr

If these and any combination above are done in the right way straight off the improvements will add the value you are looking for in order to get the best result in improving your home.  Since every home is of course, different there is much that can be done so it’s up to you which of the best moves will be the best for your value adding alterations in the end.

Decorating the home or any of the detailed alterations rarely go to plan, mainly because there’s a big difference between ho amazing things seem in your head and how they end up in reality. Although why you ever thought blue walls with purple borders was a good idea is beyond us.

The good news is that apps have transformed the process: you can now decorate, rearrange or transform an entire area, from the hues of the walls down to the colour of the furniture, all from your smartphone.

Before you know it, you’ll be designing a whole house. And yes, there is an app for doing that too.

Dulux Home Decoration App

Colour inspiration can be found just about anywhere; from a cushion or pair of shoes, to the flowers in your garden. Thanks to the Dulux Visualizer App it’s now easier than ever before to bring those colours to life in your home.

The easy to use app lets you pick a colour from anywhere, and, with augmented reality technology, allows you to see the colours live in your living space. And that’s not all. We’ll also offer you suggested colour schemes to help complete your look.

Virtual Home 3D

After installing the Virtual 3D application Plan on your tablet or smartphone and once imported into your device 3D data , the camera mode will be activated automatically. Point your smartphone to the plan present on the screen. The virtual plan and its interior design will appear on your smartphone.

Dream Home HD

iPad, £1.49 from iTunes

If you have ever struggled to explain your singular vision for a room to an interior decorator, this iPad app will turn your interior dream into a reality. The archive of hundreds of looks is updated weekly, and showcases the latest design trends.

Crown Colour Match

iPhone, free from iTunes

When choosing a colour scheme to match existing fabrics and furniture, this handy app highlights tones to complement rather than clash. DIYers use the camera phone to take a visual “swatch” and the software suggests hues that harmonise or offer visual contrast.

Cole & Son Pattern Book

iPad, £4.99 from iTunes

Founded in 1875 and suppliers to the Queen, this wallpaper manufacturer has come up with an app that contains some 1,800 block print designs. There are also 350 screen prints from the company’s archive spanning three centuries. Search by collection, colour or style and request samples at a click.

Home 3D

iPhone and iPad, £4.99 from iTunes

A user-friendly home-design package that enables you to redecorate and redesign your ideal home on your touch-screen, before you reach for the pasting table. Repaint walls, move furniture, then use the “dollshouse” mode to walk virtually through your creation.

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