Adding Value to Your Home before it Goes on the Market

Adding Value To Your Home Before It Goes On The Market

For many people, their home is their largest and most important investment. Selling a home is a big decision, and it usually takes time and a significant amount of money to make the transaction final. Before your home goes on the market, you can do several things to increase its value. The good news is that these are generally things that are easy to accomplish with a little bit of time and money. When working with a real estate professional, there are a lot of things that they can recommend to make the process easier. For most people, you should budget up to ten per cent of your home for closing costs and other expenses. This is why getting the most out of your home is so important.

Landscaping is a great start

One of the easiest ways to improve the look and feel of your home is through landscaping. Investing in the look around your home can greatly increase the chances of you getting a top price for your home. For a small amount of money invested, you can add ten or twenty per cent to the purchase price of your home.

Get scrubbing!

New homeowners want the home to look clean and tidy on both the inside and outside. Many young families with pets also prefer that a home have a nice fence in the backyard. If you have siding on the outside of your home, make sure it looks freshly painted. Although this seems like a small thing to look at, it can really make your home stand out to new buyers.

Initial price

The initial price that you put your home on the market for is of utmost importance. Over the long term, this can really make your home stand out to new buyers. Never try to price your home too high for the market. Not only does this create a lot of issues for you, but it will make the home sit on the market longer than you would like. Many professionals advise that you figure out what the market value is and price it just below that point. Not only will this make selling your home faster, but it will make it much more convenient as well.

Negotiating is a skill

When it comes to negotiating, you need to make sure that you have multiple people interested in the property. This is why the pricing strategy already outlined makes so much sense. Over the long term, having a quick sale on your home is well worth the few thousand pounds that you take out of the purchase price of the home. With multiple people interested in buying the home, you are able to use leverage and make them pay more than they would otherwise. Overall, selling a home is a huge financial investment. It only makes sense that you spend the appropriate amount of time and money to get as much out of your home as possible.