Amazing Multi-Million Pound House Conversions

Multi Million Pound Home

If you have a million pounds to devote to repurposing a property, then you can do amazing things. These properties that are spread across the world are perfect for the people who live in them. Here are four multi-million pound house conversions.

Scottish Isle of Coll castle becomes a mansion

The mansion on the Scottish Isle of Coll was abandoned for over 150 years before a mansion was built between its crumbling walls. The new home features floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing those living in the home to enjoy awesome views of the breaking waters hitting cliffs located just outside the door. Entertaining is easy in the large open living room, while there are plenty of secluded spots to have a quiet conversation or some solitude. This Hebridean island home has been revitalised with all the latest technology and security while retaining much of its original history.

Budapest weapons factory becomes an art studio and home

A former weapons factory originally constructed between 1913 and 1915 and located in the south part of Budapest is now a home and gallery. The bottom level of the four-story home is a designated workspace and has a guest bedroom, while the second floor contains bedrooms and bathrooms. A short trip up to the next level reveals an open living space with room to relax and a spacious cooking area. The top floor contains an elaborate fitness area, sauna, and pool with easy access to a rooftop terrace. Known as Loft 19, this property maintains much of its concrete and industrial vibe throughout.

Salvation army barracks in Australia

The first Salvation Army barracks in Australia lay deserted for many years before it was repurposed into a mansion. While it costs many pounds to do the transformation, the building is one that anyone would proudly call home. Since the building featured 28-foot-tall ceilings, a menagerie level was added to serve as the bedrooms and bathrooms. While this home has many modern features, tribute was paid to the building’s original purpose by leaving the original walls and signs throughout the home. One reason that this home cost over a million pounds to convert is that the floor is made of a single slab of yellow sandstone imported directly from Portugal.

The old ambulance station becomes a minimalist home

Sitting within a walled compound, a St. John’s Rye, England, four-story home was once an ambulance garage for two ambulances. The home features a minimalistic design, and its current owners love the large open space for entertaining guests. While the owners intend to use it as a summer home, the main feature of the open living space is a double-sided wood burner. Exposed timbers throughout the home help maintain its minimalistic appearance.

If you had a million pounds, then you could do a lot to restore a property. Consider these possibilities before starting on your own project.