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Bridging Trends Data Shows Bridging Finance Lending Returning to Levels Last Seen in 2018

The latest data released by Bridging Trends shows that the third quarter of this year has the seen the highest volume of bridging lending since 2018, reaching over £190 million. This is a massive jump from the previous figure of £146 million recorded in the second quarter of 2021 and […]

Home Loan vs. Mortgage: What’s the Difference?

Home loans and mortgages are almost always interpreted as the same thing. You could argue that a mortgage is a type of home loan, given that it is a loan used to purchase a home. There are significant differences between the two, the terms of their functions and intended applications. […]

Bridging Loan Completions up a Further 23% in the Second Quarter

The latest figures from ASTL indicate strong quarterly performance for the bridging sector in Q2 this year; up an impressive 23.2%, total completions for the three-month period came out at £1.1 billion. The high number of completions during this period meant that bridging loan books increased to more than £4.7bn, […]

FC Barcelona Saved from Bankruptcy by €595m Bridging Loan

FC Barcelona has rarely been out of the headlines over the past few months, primarily due to the sensational departure of Lionel Messi after a lifetime spent with the club. The president of FC Barcelona, Joan Laporta has spoken of the “very worrying” financial situation the club is currently in. Having […]

Bridging Finance for the Small Business: How Does it Work?

A bridging loan is essentially a short-term commercial loan, secured against an appropriate property or asset. It is designed to be repaid within a matter of months; bridging finance can be uniquely cost-effective over the short-term. Another major point of appeal with bridging finance is the speed with which it […]

Renovations Set to Get More Expensive as Building Material Costs Skyrocket

Property renovation and repair bills are expected to climb significantly over the coming months, as builders warn of a major shortfall in the availability of even the most basic supplies. As a side-effect of the UK’s booming housing market, builders are struggling to get hold of everything from roof tiles […]

Essential Expert Advice for Fixer-Upper Property Purchases

Popular culture has played a major role in encouraging more people than ever before to try their hand at ‘flipping’ homes and commercial properties. Interest in ‘fixer-upper’ properties is at an all-time high, as younger demographics in particular set their sights on building their dream homes for cheap or turning […]

2020s Most Important Bridging Finance Trends

Bottom Line: The bridging sector saw a combined fall in lending of £278 million last year, but evidence suggests the market is bouncing back from the impact of three consecutive lockdowns. Major Findings in Brief: Collective bridging transaction completions were down £278 million last year The average LTV on bridging […]

Beating Stamp Duty Deadlines with Bridging Finance

It remains to be seen whether or not the government decides to extend the stamp duty suspension deadline beyond March 31 next year. In the meantime, short-term loans like bridging finance could help movers and buyers make the most of the temporary stamp duty holiday. COVID-19 has had a major […]

Bridging Loan Activity Up 40% Year on Year, Despite Lockdown Restrictions

2021 is projected to be a potentially prosperous year for the bridging sector, with activity having already reached record highs despite lockdown restrictions. That is according to Shawbrook Bank’s newly published Bridging Market Bulletin, which indicates the highest volume of bridging applications ever recorded for the third quarter of 2020. […]


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