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July House Price Increase the Biggest in Nine Years, Reports Nationwide

Average property prices in the United Kingdom grew more in July that at any other time in the past 11 years, suggesting the housing market could recover much faster than predicted. According to the latest figures released by Nationwide, July brought about the biggest single month increase in average house […]

Economy Growth or Slow Down?

The United Kingdom is currently facing a period of uncertainty like none seen since the end of the Second World War. Considering Great Britain’s entirely uncertain position in Europe and the rest of the world over the coming years, it’s almost impossible to predict what’s to come next. Nevertheless, the latest […]

UK Accountants Fail Audit Quality Test

Businesses and self-employed workers across the UK rely on qualified accountants to oversee their financial activities. Set yourself up with an experienced accountant and you can expect a certain level of quality and performance. Unfortunately, evidence suggests a surprising proportion of accountants simply aren’t making the grade. Specifically, a study […]

Later-life move made easy by UK property finance.

A recent study by real estate giants, Knight Frank found the retirement property is going significantly grow in the years to come. It has been well documented that western society has an aging population and this is certainly reflected in the Knight Frank report. The retirement property market is forecast […]

Has It Become Socially Acceptable to Discuss Salaries Openly?

At some point or another, we were all informed of the politeness (or otherwise) of asking other people how much they earn. It’s all part and parcel of growing up and getting into work – we’re programmed from an early age to avoid the subject of salary at all costs. […]

A Brief History of Money

We love it when we’ve got it, and we lament it when we haven’t. In any case, it’s rare to come across an individual who doesn’t appreciate the value of money. But have you ever given thought to where the coins and notes in your pocket actually come from? By […]

Can I Rent Out My Home to Buy Another?

How does renting a home affect property purchase eligibility? What’s the deal with let-to-buy finance, and how difficult is it to qualify for let-to-buy mortgages? Perhaps the best way of getting to grips with this surprisingly common scenario is to consider the let-to-buy concept in a typical working example. Let-to-buy […]

I’m Too Old for Property Finance!

Living as a pensioner with a great deal of equity tied up in your estate represents the ultimate catch-22 situation. You may be sitting on a small fortune in combined assets, but this doesn’t mean you’ll be lent a hand when in need of financial support. Or at least, not […]

New Builds – Why So Many Complaints?

Taking the plunge and buying your dream home shouldn’t turn into an unmitigated nightmare. Particularly if buying a new-build property, which you’d expect to be in mint condition inside and out. Nevertheless, new-build complaints are stacking up from disgruntled buyers across the UK. In fact, new-build home complaints recently hit […]

What Are Non-Status Bridging Loans?

Roughly summarised, non-status bridging loans refer to loans provided exclusively on the basis of collateral. The idea being that just as long as the borrower is able to provide sufficient security to cover the full cost of the loan, their past financial performance is unimportant. Instead, it’s simply a case […]


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