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Housing Crisis Puts Further Strain on the Bank of Mum and Dad

More British parents than ever before are getting actively involved in helping their kids get on the property ladder. Research suggests that for the first time in history, parents will borrow more than £6.5 billion, specifically for the purpose of helping their children secure their first homes. This represents an […]

An Introduction to Wholesale Lending

The wholesale loan industry is a subject that raises quite a lot of controversy in the finance sector, with many brokers and lending facilities taking a completely opposite stance to one another whenever the issue is raised.  This is particularly true where the actual value of wholesale lending is concerned.  […]

Debt Consolidation Simplified!

If the thought of debt consolidation leaves you somewhat confused and bewildered, scratching your head and in search of meaningful answers then you are definitely not alone.  It’s a sad fact that the vast majority of us are simply unable to get from one week to the next without some […]

Falling House Prices – A Good Thing or Bad?

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union has placed a great deal of uncertainty on Britain’s economic future.   No doubt, this will lead one group of investors to prosperity whilst causing serious grief for another, particularly where the property market is concerned.  To call Brexit a potential dividing line […]

Banks Get Wiser On Credit Card Lending

From a wider economic perspective, any kind of increase in consumer spending is only a good thing. The more the average consumer spends, the better the British economy performs in general. Nevertheless, when consumer spending is leading an incalculable number of people into dangerous levels of debt, this isn’t quite […]

UK Property Finance Launches Free Online Bridging Loan Calculator

With an ever increasing number of commercial developers, Buy-to-Let landlords and other UK property investors turning to bridging loan providers for fast and flexible financing options, one of the country’s most reputable brokers has recently introduced a new online tool that is designed to give a clear picture of the […]

Promising Yields Prompt A New Wave of Interest in Property Investment

In an era where most savings accounts are offering consumers impossibly low rates of interest, more people than ever before are looking into alternative savings and investment options. On the plus side, the lowest interest rates in recent history are opening up endless possibilities for those with an interest in […]

Tax Changes and Brexit Could Devastate Buy-To-Let Market

According to the chairman of the Conveyancing Association, the effects of the recent Brexit result – along with the government’s decision to introduce new anti-landlord tax policies – could easily produce some seriously negative consequences in the Buy-To-Let marketplace. Of course, the full effects of the Brexit result remain to be […]

Link Lending Secures Additional Funding

Link Lending had announced it has secured another £50 million of additional funding from Deutsche bank in addition to the bridging loan funding it has in place with Barclays. The move was a clear signal that Link Lending’s strategy is to continue to grow its lending volumes in response to […]

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