Our Investment Policy Outlined

Our Investment Policy Outlined

BridgingLoans.co.uk was established to offer borrowers spanning the entire spectrum affordable, accessible, and fully responsible financial solutions. We have several potential advantages over and above conventional loans, one of which is that there is no requirement whatsoever for a positive credit history. In addition, self-employed applicants are welcome, and repayment options are kept as flexible as possible.

As these types of loans are secured using a wide variety of assets, qualification criteria can be significantly simplified. In terms of what types of borrowers could find value and convenience in a secured loan, our products and services are suitable for both business and domestic purposes alike, or whenever typical unsecured loans are unsuitable.

Just a few examples of the types of loans we target include:

  • Equipment finance: We may finance the purchase of industrial manufacturing machinery, agricultural equipment, marine vessels, aircraft, and various other vehicle types. These loans may be offered in the form of hire-purchase contracts, equipment leases, or structured in other ways, by the preferences and requirements of the borrower. These loans will be secured in most instances against the respective equipment. These kinds of loans will be offered to businesses, non-profit organisations, government institutions, and various other borrowers for key equipment purchases of all sizes.
  • Property development: We will also be targeting property development loans, ranging from small-scale residential requirements to much larger commercial and industrial development projects. In such instances, the property in question will be used as security for the loan.
  • General commercial loans for businesses: Secured loans can also be of unique value as commercial loans for a multitude of business purposes. These kinds of loans are typically secured against a wide variety of business assets, which may include business premises, machinery and plant, intellectual property rights, and various other assets.
  • We strive to remain as open and flexible as possible when it comes to the security required to obtain your loan and consider all borrower circumstances individually and uniquely.
  • Debt consolidation: In addition, another common use for secured loans is for debt consolidation purposes. Both in professional and domestic instances alike, an affordable secured loan taken at the right time can be not only liberating but also bring about enormous immediate and long-term cost savings. The idea of consolidation is that the borrower takes any number of existing debts and combines them into a single loan with the lowest possible rate of interest. Once again, with no credit history being required in most cases, secured loans can often prove far more accessible as debt consolidation products than typical unsecured loans.

For more information on any of our products or services or to discuss your eligibility for a secured loan, get in touch with our customer service team today.