Repayment of bridging finance with another bridging loan

Repayment Of Bridging Finance With Another Bridging Loan

Our client was looking to borrow against an inherited property to repay an existing bridging loan secured on his own property which was arranged to consolidate debt.

The repayment strategy for the initial 12-month bridging loan had failed as the estate agents were unable to sell the property in the intended timeframe, hence the need to repay this loan as it had come to the end of its term and the current lender was needing repayment. Our client also wanted to raise additional funds to pay for medical costs and to repay money owed to family members which had accumulated during the term of the current loan, following a bereavement.

Finance raised on an inherited property

The inherited property was unencumbered and had to be transferred into our clients name as part of the transaction. UK Property Finance were able to arrange a new loan for our client whilst we used our vast industry contacts to keep in constant communication with their existing lender and solicitors to ensure they remained abreast of the situation and knew the client was doing their utmost to arrange repayment of the loan.

On agreement of the new loan the solicitor provided an undertaking to the lenders solicitors confirming that when the new loan was advanced, the inheritance duty was paid and our clients interest became listed on the property deeds as owner. The clients’ solicitor also confirmed that they would ensure the remaining advance was used to repay the existing bridging loan secured on our clients current property and the medical bills accrued.

The exit or repayment of the new bridging loan was still via sale and due to the extended timeframe agreed our client was able to sell his property without further stress and once the sale was complete our client took up residence in the inherited property which was now owned free of any loans.