These Easy DIY Changes Could Add £30,000 to your Home’s Value

These Easy Diy Changes Could Add £30,000 To Your Home'S Value

Adding big money to the value of your home does not have to mean spending big money on big changes. Major structural alterations and extensions are all well and good, though they are beyond the realm of possibility for most.

Making the most of your home’s potential without going to extremes is all about focusing on what matters most too prospective buyers. Get it right, and some real estate experts suggest you could add up to £30,000 to the value of your home.

In particular, there are three simple yet effective modifications to focus on, which collectively can make a huge difference.

Strategic painting

Ask any home staging specialist, and they will tell you the same: painting all of your interiors in neutral colours is the way to go. It is always advisable to create something like a blank canvas, upon which prospective buyers can visualise their own ideal interiors.

Of equal importance is making sure your front door and porch/entrance are in flawless condition. A fresh coat of paint is essential to giving the best possible first impression.

Incredibly, a study carried out by found that a beautifully painted blue front door alone can add up to £4,000 to the value of a property. Pops of colour like these can work a treat, perfectly complementing the neutral interiors within.

Pristine presentation outdoors

Be mindful of the fact that more prospective buyers than ever before are focusing heavily on gardens and outdoor living spaces. With the painful memories of lockdown still firmly in the minds of most, the freedom to relax and unwind outdoors at home is becoming a top priority.

This means doing whatever it takes to get your gardens, patios, decking, and so on in order. It also means arranging viewings at the right time of day, when your outdoor spaces are basking in beautiful sunshine.

Weed your garden, mow the lawn, and make the whole thing as presentable as you possibly can. Repair or remove anything that isn’t in ideal condition, and prominently present comfortable seating and outdoor dining furniture.

De-clutter intensively

Last but not least, comprehensive decluttering is essential, indoors and out, with the intention of presenting your home as something of a blank canvas for would-be buyers.

The more clutter you have about the place, the more difficult it becomes for visitors to picture themselves living there. They are more likely to focus on your chintz and trinkets than your home and its interiors in general.

If necessary, fork out for a self-storage unit for a few weeks and remove everything that does not need to be there. A small price to pay will improve both the appeal and the potential market value of your home.