Secured Loan Provided for Home Improvement Project

Here at UK Property Finance, we are approached on a daily basis by all manner of borrowers in search of fast and reliable funding for a diverse range of projects.

In May 2016, we were approached by a private homeowner who was in search of a secured loan at the value of £200,000 in order to finance significant improvements to his large country home on the outskirts of West Sussex. The customer was a self-employed businessman seeking for the best offer on a secured loan that would be supported by evidence of income in the form of bank statements and a certificate issued by his accountant.

One of the main problems that our client was facing was the fact that his country home also had a number of stables and, as such, was listed as an equestrian centre. However, the stables had remained dormant for a number of years, and the lenders and surveyors that our client had approached before we intervened would not consider his home a strictly residential property.

It was clear to us from the start that the intended use of our client’s property was exclusively residential in nature, and we were able to provide a secured loan based on this borrowing criteria in a process that took no longer than fourteen days to complete, from start to finish.