UK Property Finance Source Secured Loan for Debt Consolidation

In June 2016, we were approached by a client from South Yorkshire who was looking to reduce his monthly outgoings by means of a secured loan that would consolidate all of his existing debts at a much more affordable rate.

As a responsible lender, we set about identifying a suitable secured loan product that was guaranteed by the equity attached to our client’s residential property after assessing his capacity to pay based on his financial and personal circumstances.

We were able to give a much-needed loan package for £35,000 within a matter of days, which our client subsequently used to pay off a number of prior obligations, including all of his delinquent credit cards, a motor financing contract, and a number of lesser bills with high interest rates.

As a consequence of the secured loan we were able to provide for our client, he was able to considerably lower his monthly outgoings, saving him an incredible £640 each month.