Secured Loans at the Post Office

The decision by the Post Office to move into more general banking and financial services was welcomed by UK customers. As a trusted national institution, the Post Office is expected to provide high-quality, low-cost services and impartial advice to its members.

Despite offering an extensive range of loans and general banking services, secured loans are not currently available at the Post Office. Conventional mortgage products are offered, but nothing falls within the category of home loans.

Should a secured loan be required for anything other than a property purchase, the Post Office is unlikely to provide its support.

Dynamic secured loan services

Here at, we work hard to offer the UK’s most dynamic and accessible range of specialist loan products. If a Post Office-secured loan is out of the question, we’ll scour the market to set you up with your ideal lender.

Whether you’re looking to borrow for private or business purposes, our extensive network of specialist lenders can help. Fast access to the funds you need and competitive borrowing costs, with our independent support and consultancy from start to finish!

Secured loans can be significantly more affordable and easier to access than unsecured loans. Just as long as you have sufficient security to cover the cost of the loan, you’re almost guaranteed to qualify. Our secured loans are available for almost any purpose and can be repaid over a period to suit your preferences and budget.

Unlike some, we tailor the services we provide for the convenience of our customers. For a deal that goes far beyond anything you’ll find on the High Street, contact the team at today!

Customer-focused lending

Applying for a mortgage or secured loan with a major bank has always been a complex and drawn-out process. What’s more, if you don’t have an impeccable credit score, you’re usually out of the running. With, your credit score doesn’t have to stand between you and your ideal loan. Even with bankruptcy or CCJs on your file, you can still qualify for the support you need at a competitive rate.

After contacting to discuss your requirements, we’ll carry out a whole-of-market comparison on your behalf. We’ll consider loans from major lenders like the Post Office and independent specialists alike in order to find the perfect product to suit your needs.

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Post Office Post Office secured loans
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