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Secured Loans at RBS

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is a household name among private and business borrowers alike. Proudly serving tens of millions of customers across the UK and beyond, RBS secured loans are available in the form of mortgages and mortgage extensions.

Key function and features of secured loan services at RBS include:
• Apply for to 90% of the property’s value
• Repay the loan over a period of 3 to 35 years
• Minimum loan value £10,000 with no upper limit
• Mortgage extensions available exclusively to RBS customers
• Credit checks and proof of income required
• Interest rates and overall borrowing costs vary

RBS also has a dedicated business banking arm, which provides secured loan services for commercial and general business purposes. Applications are considered individually by way of merit, though in most cases attach credit checks and financial status verification as standard.

Secured Loans Made Simple
Applying for a secured loan with a major bank can be surprisingly difficult. Unless you plan to take out a traditional mortgage on a property, you may be out of luck. Secured loans at RBS and most High Street banks are limited to conventional home loans, which are tricky to organise and time-consuming in the extreme. Hardly ideal – particularly if you need to get your hands on your money as soon as possible.

Here at Bridgingloans.co.uk, we specialise in secured loans made simple. Unlike major High Street names like RBS, we do everything we can to simplify and streamline applications for our clients. Working with specialist lenders across the UK, we provide access to flexible and affordable secured loans for all purposes. Borrow as little or as much as you like, choosing from short- or long-term repayment periods as you prefer. Whatever you need the money for, we’ll ensure it’s in your hands as quickly as possible!

Poor Credit Applications Welcomed
Best of all, we don’t just consider poor credit applicants – we welcome them! We understand how difficult (if not impossible) it can be to maintain immaculate credit. That’s why we work exclusively with the UK’s most dynamic specialist lenders, who consider all applications by way of merit. If the value of your property covers the cost of the loan, acceptance is pretty much guaranteed. No credit checks, no proof of income required – a simple, sensible approach to secured loan applications.

Our exclusive online loans calculator provides a helpful overview of the options available. If you decide to go ahead with your application, we’ll carry out a whole-of-market comparison on your behalf. After which, it’s simply a case of choosing the best deal to suit your requirements and budget. If you’re ready to get started, contact the team at Bridgingloans.co.uk today and we’ll guide you through the process!

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The advice and processing on all financial products introduced via this website will be handled by UK Property Finance Ltd, which is authorised by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) no 667602. The FCA do not regulate all mortgages such as Buy to Let and Commercial. Think carefully before securing debts against your home. Your property could be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it.

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