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Shawbrook Loans

Shawbrook Bridging Loans - How We Compare

Secured Loans at Shawbrook

Shawbrook is widely recognised as a forward-thinking, customer-focused lender of a higher calibre. Unlike traditional High Street lenders, Shawbrook offers an extensive range of secured loans, covering long-term and short-term requirements alike.

Along with its traditional mortgage products, Shawbrook offers a variety of short-term secured loans with features such as:
• Monthly interest rates starting from 0.43%
• Maximum loan value as high as £15 million
• Borrowers can typically access 75% of their property’s value
• Early repayment possible without excessive charges
• Extensive credit checks usually mandatory

For those able to access the funding they require via Shawbrook, interest rates and overall borrowing costs can be competitive. Nevertheless, it’s important to carry out a complete market comparison, before setting your sights on any individual lender. Particularly if you have an imperfect credit score, a whole-of-market comparison is essential.

Accessible Secured Loans
Bridgingloans.co.uk was established to provide the proactive borrower with quick and easy access to the UK’s most dynamic financial products. Secured loans are our speciality, working closely with major and independent lenders across Britain. On behalf of our clients, we carry out whole-of-market comparisons to pinpoint the perfect secured loans for all purposes. From moderate short-term loans to much larger long-term loans, we’ll find your ideal lender and take care of everything on your behalf.

When funds are needed in a hurry, we’re the team to call. Bridgingloans.co.uk specialises in fast-access secured loans where time is a factor. With banks like Shawbrook, you could be looking at weeks or even months to get your hands on the money you need. With Bridgingloans.co.uk, the funds could be transferred into your account in a matter of days. One call is all it takes, so reach out to the team at Bridgingloans.co.uk today to discuss your requirements in more detail!

Poor Credit Secured Loans
We work with specialist lenders who take into account far more than credit scores alone. In fact, most secured loans accessed through Bridgingloans.co.uk involve no credit checks whatsoever. You won’t even be required to provide proof of income. Just as long as you can provide sufficient collateral to cover the cost of the loan, the rest is inconsequential! We also guarantee your credit score will not be harmed by applying for a secured loan, even if your application is unsuccessful.

As a fully independent UK broker, we’re committed to offering 100% honest and impartial advice. Our only commitment is the satisfaction of our clients -we’ll do whatever it takes to track down your perfect secured loan. Head over to our exclusive online loans calculator for an idea of what’s on offer, or contact the team at Bridgingloans.co.uk for more information!

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