Secured Loans at Yorkshire Bank

Yorkshire Bank’s secured loan services are provided primarily in the form of mortgages and mortgage extensions. In all instances, eligibility is determined in accordance with the credit history and financial status of the borrower.

In addition, Yorkshire Bank states that it will consider loan applications in excess of £35,000 secured on the borrower’s assets. All specialist borrowing requests are handled by the bank’s dedicated Asset Finance Direct Team, which considers each application by way of individual merit.

Across the board, however, verification of financial status and extensive credit checks form part of the application process at Yorkshire Bank.

A different kind of secured loan was established to provide responsible borrowers with access to a new kind of secured loan. Specifically, a secured loan with none of the usual complications, complexities, or unnecessary credit checks. When the cost of the loan is covered by the borrower’s collateral, credit checks and proof of income are rendered null and void. Nevertheless, major lenders like Yorkshire Bank continue to impose credit checks on almost every borrower.

If your credit report isn’t up to scratch, we can help. We work with an exclusive network of lenders and specialist service providers, many of whom specialise in poor-credit loans. For the first time, an imperfect credit score doesn’t mean being counted out of the running. Nor does it mean extortionate interest rates and elevated overall borrowing costs.

As long as you can cover the cost of the loan with your property, we’ll do whatever it takes to find you an unbeatable deal you can afford!

Our online loan calculator

Here at, we take pride in simplifying the secured loan application process for private and business borrowers alike. With our help, you can secure and receive the funds you need within a matter of days. We’re also committed to providing 100% honest and impartial consultations at all times. For a better idea of the available options, head over to our online loan calculator and enter a few simple details.

We ensure that all applications are given fair consideration and that all unnecessary costs are avoided. We’ll compare the whole of the UK market on your behalf, working exclusively with established lenders of a higher calibre.

You’ll be provided with an initial decision immediately, followed by formal confirmation and a final offer within a matter of hours. If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll ensure your funds are deposited in your account as quickly as possible.

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