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About Our Bridging Loans is a finance broker & principle bridging loan funder established since 2003. We are committed to providing excellence, transparency and a personal service to our clients.

  • As a principle funder, we have the advantage of being able to move very quickly
  • We can use our own funds for certain loans and have a willingness to lend
  • If we can't fund the deal ourselves we broker through our network of trusted partners
  • Over 20 years experience within the market
  • No upfront fees. Other costs kept to an absolute minimum and listed at the first available opportunity
  • Regulated loans and 2nd charges available
  • No minimum or maximum bridge loan size
  • Bridging loans on land, commercial and residential buildings

A Bridging loan can be used for many purposes:

  • Business Funds: short term working capital
  • Auctions: purchasing bargain property quickly at auction
  • Temporary Cashflow problems: when you require cash urgently
  • Tax Liabilities: finance those unexpected tax bills
  • Property Refurbishment: upgrade your residential or business premises
  • Buy-to-let: don't miss out on an investment opportunity
  • Moving House : seen your ideal property but in a chain & need temporary funding to move quickly

A bridging loan is used as a short term alternative until a longer term solution is available. Depending on the use and criteria, rates currently start from 0.58% per month and for a term of usually up to 12 months, albeit longer periods can be negotiated either at the beginning or throughout the initially agreed term of the bridging loan.

Bridging loans are used primarily for property related reasons and can be secured on most residential property or land in mainland UK (subject to valuation) whether habitable or not. Funds raised from bridging finance can be used for pretty much and legal reason, provided it is agreed with the lender from the outset.

A specialist bridging loan company such as, have, due to the volume we process, special relationships with all of the key lenders and know the requirements needed to ensure a quick and smooth transaction. We also use our own funds for certain lending, which helps us to move even quicker if required. Processing time is however normally 3 - 5 working days.

Due to our FCA regulated principle, we can transact all types of bridging loans on all types or property. This ensures that with just one call we can give the answers you require. We are not even limited by bridging loan size and currently have no minimum or maximums.

Bridging Finance

We pride ourselves on the speed of our transactions. We will normally call you within hours of an emailed application for a bridging loan and supply a written agreement shortly afterwards. If you call our office, this process will be even quicker. If you decide to progress with the application we can instruct the valuation and legal team immediately while the paperwork is being processed, thus saving valuable time. We would either post, email or visit you to obtain the required signatures and documentation, which is again done shortly after the initial contact and agreement to proceed. We don’t charge upfront fees, so it is in our interest to complete on every case as soon as possible.

We are available from 9 -9, 7 days a week, including most holiday periods.

No Bridge Too Far!

"The team at have demonstrated outstanding professionalism and market knowledge concerning commercial funding in what is a very difficult market. His diligence and integrity in all matters concerning my own business has been exemplary. He is also a first class communicator, ensuring that you are always up to date with the status of any transaction and proved capable of delivering on the finance required."

Mr A Rutherford.
Royal Saint Davids Golf & Hotel Complex

What Is A Bridging Loan?

Many people ask what is a bridging loan. A bridging loan is a loan used for a short term fix between the transaction of selling a property and buying another. An example of when a bridging loan could be used is for instance, when the property market is at a stage to buy.

Bridging loans can be used for many purposes and are not only limited to purchasing property. They have in the past been used for capital raising to pay tax bills or for numerous business reasons however the security for the loan must be UK property or land.

What is Bridging Loan Security?

All bridging loans require security for the loan which is primarily in the form of property or land anywhere within the UK. The bridging loan lender will enter a charge onto the security at commencement of the loan. This will be removed when the loan is repaid. Any security must be in the name of the borrower.

What is a Bridging Loan Term?

Most bridging loans are usually up to 12 months in length but can be extended in certain circumstances. Interest payable during the term of the loan is usually rolled up and repaid at the end when the loan is repaid i.e. if you borrow £100,000 and generate £5,000 of interest; £105,000 is repaid to the bridging lender, when you repay the loan.

As industry leading providers of bespoke finance solutions, the team at UK Property Finance can arrange tailor-made short term property lending facilities for all types of property development and refurbishment projects. Whether you are looking at a newbuild residential or commercial property loan, or taking on a refurbishment project, we will use our expertise to source the most appropriate funder for your short term property needs. If you simply need bridging finance solutions then we can provide that too.

Every property development loan is by definition different and we spend time to understand the key requirements of the deal before identifying the funder which best meets your requirements Ė the cost of the loan is only one factor, we also look at the overall amount of the loan, availability of drawdowns, whether the lender can meet your deadlines etc. We also look at your experience in the market as this will be a large factor in determining which lender we recommend Ė some providers of residential and commercial property loans require experience, some donít but donít worry, we will ensure we choose the right one and will be there with you throughout the process to ensure you get the loan drawdown.

We cover the whole of the market from the High Street banks through to specialist development funders. We have good knowledge of the requirements of each lender so whether you are looking for property refurbishment finance or housing development finance, our short term property finance team will be on hand to ensure that raising finance for property development is handled professionally and promptly so you get the funding you are looking for.

Fully FCA Regulated

Surprisingly most bridging loan companies are not regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority

Apply for bridging loans 7 days a week, 9am - 9 pm.

ICO Registered

We are commited to protecting your personal data

Member of Association of Bridging Professionals

NACFB Member

National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers

Speak With a Professional Adviser

Call - 0800 169 1589 / 0116 402 7982 to get a bridging loan tailored for you.

Bridging Loans Broker

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