Mezzanine Finance

From large-scale developments to minor renovations of current properties, our mezzanine finance packages cover all bases.

What is mezzanine finance?

In essence, mezzanine finance represents a second-charge financial service used to supplement the primary financial source of the project. For example, a developer may spend 15% of the project’s funds, with 75% coming from the principal lender and the remaining 10% coming through mezzanine financing.

Typically, mezzanine finance offers a backup source of cash to the property developer, which is delivered gradually during the project as needed. In terms of repayment and charges, exact fees and setup costs are determined in accordance with the specifics of the application, the size of the loan, its purpose, and so on.

Fees, charges, and commissions

The greater the sum of money required for the project, the higher the risk and the associated fees accordingly.
As we operate a dynamic pricing structure, we’re able to provide each of our customers with a fully tailored mezzanine loan in direct accordance with their needs. Our fee structures and commissions are flexible and transparent, adding up to the very best deals on the market for loans of all sizes.

Mezzanine finance for developers

Mezzanine finance has become extremely popular in the property development sector due to both its accessibility and its very high value. Covering up to 90% of the project’s total costs is a great way to move forward with ambitious projects where on-hand funds are limited. Likewise, where SME developers face the prospect of having little to no initial capital with which to kick-start projects, mezzanine finance can help.
Once again, is proud to offer a comprehensive range of 100% bespoke financial solutions for all types of businesses.