Business Loans & Finance

Specialist business requirements call for equally specialist financial solutions, which is why we offer an extensive range of bespoke products and services for a wide variety of specialist businesses, including affordable bridging finance for all purposes.

Specialist finance for businesses

From urgent funding for time-critical purchases to planned projects and future investments, our flexible and affordable bridging loans are sourced exclusively from established specialist lenders across the UK. Call UK Property Finance at any time for an obligation-free consultation, during which we will guide you through the options available and help you make the right decision for your business.

Small business loans

There are two sorts of business loans: fixed-rate loans and variable-rate loans. To assist you in selecting the most suitable loan for your business, we have provided information on each of these to help you understand the fundamental difference between them.

Fixed-rate business loans

Fixed-rate loans can be an excellent choice for companies seeking certainty. When you take up a fixed-rate business loan, the agreed-upon interest rate does not fluctuate during the defined time. This means you’ll always know how much you need to repay.

Variable-rate business loans

A variable rate is offered for loans of £25,001 or more. The interest rate might fluctuate from month to month because it often mirrors the Bank of England Bank Rate.
The amount of interest you pay and loan repayments will vary depending on whether the Bank of England Bank Rate rises or falls.

How long can I borrow?

Terms range from X months to X years. There are also no fees for full early payback, allowing you to settle early at no additional expense.

Do I need a personal guarantee?

If you are approved for a small business loan from us, we will want a personal guarantee.

What documents do I need for a business loan?

Once you’ve swiftly filled out our online form, the next step is to gather a few essential documents to finalise your application. Here’s what we might need:

Business Bank Statements – Providing statements from the past eight months ensures a comprehensive view of your financial activity. These statements should exhibit:

  • The Account Name and (when feasible) the registered address should align precisely with the business indicated in your loan application.
  • The sort code and account number are for seamless processing.
  • A detailed breakdown of all daily transactions, offering insight into your business’s financial rhythm.

Latest Full Unabbreviated Accounts – Furnishing your latest unabbreviated accounts is crucial. These accounts should encompass:

  • Profit and Loss Statements: Offering a snapshot of your financial performance.
  • Detailed Profit and Loss Analysis: Delving deeper into the nuances of your revenue and expenses.
  • Balance Sheet Information: Providing a comprehensive overview of your assets, liabilities, and equity.


By adhering to these document requirements, you’re not only expediting your application but also ensuring accuracy and completeness. Simplify your journey towards securing the funding your business deserves by promptly submitting these necessary documents.