Case Studies for Bridging Loans

We offer many different types of bridging loans to ensure that no matter what financial situation you are in, there is an option available. Below are a number of real-life scenarios where our bridging loans have helped.

Old Textile Mill in the North of England

We were approached by a UK national who was looking to purchase an old textile mill in the north of England so he could develop it into student flats (subject to planning). He had a substantial deposit and other assets to pledge as security but although he was in the […]

A Local Developer Finds Land With Potential

A local developer found a farm plot with attached cottages, outbuildings and 7 acres of land. The developer was well known in the area and fully understood that the plot had great potential. Although he was very experienced with projects of this size, his bank would not lend him the […]

Naomi Inherits A Property In Need Of Renovation

Naomi inherited a property that needed significant renovation for it to reach modern day living standards. Whilst Naomi was in the process of applying for a mortgage on the property she became impatient and removed the kitchen and bathroom. When the mortgage surveyor came to value the property he deemed […]

Petes Business Needs A Cash Injection

Pete ran a successful manufacturing business along with his business partner John. John had to leave the company at short notice for personal reasons and wanted to sell the business however Pete wanted to continue running it by himself. Pete came to us for the funding needed to buy Johns […]

A Modern Day Landlord With A Great Business Idea Finally Gets The Help He Needs

As a highly successful landlord looking to expand his business empire, Jeff Khan was always looking for new and more profitable areas in which to grow. He had been investing in standard terraced and semi-detached properties that needed updating before refinancing onto a BTL basis, however Jeff was no longer […]

Helping An Ageing Couple Find A New Lease In Life

As an elderly couple living in a large house in an expensive part of London, Helen and David had finally decided that enough was enough. They could not afford to run or maintain the property correctly nor did they have enough ‘day to day’ income to live as they would […]

Clearing a Current Mortgage

The client was looking to borrow enough to clear her current mortgage and second charge mortgage on her residential property in the UK. The clients husband had passed away unexpectedly and he had been the main income earner which left the client unable to effectively manage her monthly payments. Due […]

Almost Completed Development Site Overruns Current Loan

Our clients almost finished, wind and water tight, development site had overrun the loan term and as such had been repossessed by the current bridging/development lender and was now in the hands of the receiver. The receiver was looking for an early auction sale to recoup the current lenders loan […]

Bridging loan for home improvements on a new residential property

The client was looking for a bridging loan to carry out home improvements on a new residential property he had recently purchased. He had bought the property in Burnley for a bargain price and was looking to upgrade and increase the value before moving in by adding a new kitchen, […]

Covid 19 Withdrawal Regulated Bridging Loan

Replacement 1st charge regulated bridging loan following the withdrawal from the market of the initial lender due to Covid-19. Our clients were looking to borrow £551,600 to purchase a new residential property for £520,000, the remaining balance was to be used to cover the cost of the stamp duty and […]

Expat Bridging Loan

Regulated bridging loan completed during the Covid-19 pandemic for a client relocating back to the UK from the USA, where he was still living and had lived for many years, The client was in the process of returning from the US back to the UK. He had an offer accepted […]

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