Development Finance Calculator

We can provide quick estimates on your repayment when you provide us with details of the loan value needed and the term period in which the repayment is to be made.

Why use our development finance calculator?

For clients engaged in property development, using a development finance calculator can expedite decision-making. The use of a development finance calculator offers a means of evaluating a project’s financial viability. We help clients determine the financial viability of a project and come to a quick decision.

If you require a more detailed proposal, simply contact us to discuss your requirements or complete the simple calculator form above, and we will call you back to discuss the requirements in depth.

How much does property development finance cost?

Interest rates commence at about 7% per annum. ‘Rolled up’ interest is paid at the conclusion of the loan period, so there are no interest fees each month. 1-2% of the total loan amount is the average amount for lender arranging fees.

How is development finance calculated?

Development financing interest rates can be calculated monthly or annually, with a typical annual rate of approximately 7%. The precise rate you receive will often rely on a number of variables, including: The project’s gross development value after it is finished. Loan term.

How does development finance work in the UK?

Loans used to cover the expenses of a residential or commercial development project are referred to as development finance. Development financing, in contrast to long-term mortgages on real estate, usually has a lifetime of six to twenty-four months. Estimate your costs using our calculator above.