Providing access to a dynamic range of loans and financial services up to a maximum value of £500,000, Fleximize is committed to supporting ambitious and capable SMEs across the UK. With the sole proviso that the client’s company has been in business for at least six months, Fleximize operates without specific acceptance criteria and explores every opportunity to say “yes” to every application. Built on a combination of committed customer service and cutting-edge technology, the Fleximize business model capitalises on the best of all worlds.

Fleximize was founded to address a glaring gap in the market for accessible, proactive, and genuinely flexible lenders for British SMEs. The team behind Fleximize firmly believes in the importance of looking beyond computer algorithms and credit scores when determining which applicants and businesses should qualify for funding.

Today, Fleximize provides unsecured funding up to £250,000 and secured funding up to £500,000, with flexible repayment terms spanning one month to four years. Offering additional perks like no early repayment penalties, the option of repayment holidays, top-ups where required, and simple application processes, it’s easy to see why Fleximize has become recognised as a leader in its field. Larger loans can be secured using a variety of security types, including residential property, commercial property, mixed-use property, and more. At present, unsecured loans from Fleximize are available across the UK, while secured loans are open exclusively to applicants in England and Wales.

Here at UK Property Finance, we work hard to provide our clients with access to the most flexible and affordable funding for their unique requirements. We make it quick and easy to access the highest-quality development finance, working closely with leading service providers like Fleximize across the UK.

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