Funding 365

If you are looking for a fast and affordable bridging loan product that can be approved in less than a couple of hours, then let UK Property Finance source you a competitive deal from one of our leading partners, Funding 365.

With rates starting at just 0.75% per calendar month and LTV ratios up to 75% on a single property, Funding 365 is incredibly serious about offering the most competitive rates in the fastest achievable timeframe. As a leading business loan provider, we can source the most competitive products from a broad spectrum of bridging loans and finance lenders, which are guaranteed to save you money while dramatically increasing your chances of approval thanks to our strategically developed business relationships and unique borrowing alliances with some of the UK’s leading bridging financiers.

Whether you are looking to borrow £100,000 or £10,000,000+, we can source you a competitive funding deal with interest rates as low as 0.75%, depending on your individual borrowing criteria.

Compare monthly bridging loan interest rates to Funding 365

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