Funding Circle

Created to quickly and effectively link smaller businesses directly with investors from across the UK, Funding Circle has helped thousands of entrepreneurs breathe life into their business dreams. What makes Funding Circle different is the way in which all middlemen and unnecessary red tape are eliminated from the equation. Rather than dealing with the complexities of traditional High Street lending, Funding Circle directly connects borrowers with investors, resulting in streamlined access to funding and minimal costs.

At present, Funding Circle provides unsecured loans up to a maximum of £350,000 and secured loans up to around £1 million. Along with property developments and investments, funding provided via Funding Circle can be used for just about any business purpose whatsoever. As the loans are secured directly from investors from across the UK, accessibility and flexibility are taken to extremes. Repayment periods are available from six months up to a maximum of five years, with commissions and interest rates varying in accordance with the specifics of the loan.

After more than eight years in business, Funding Circle has worked with more than 25,000 organisations across the UK, building an exclusive network of financial advisers, commercial finance brokers and investors along the way. Rather than evaluating applications by way of set criteria, the team behind Funding Circle works hard to connect businesses with their ideal investors for mutual gains.

Here at UK Property Finance, we’re proud to work with ambitious and innovative lenders and service providers like Funding Circle. By scouring the UK market in its entirety, we can help you find the perfect source of funding for any project of any size at any time.

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