Heritage Commercial Finance

Self-funded, family-owned, and committed to the provision of truly dynamic financial services, Heritage Commercial Finance takes responsiveness and flexibility to new heights. The company was founded to provide clients at all levels with a more intuitive platform via which to access tailored financial solutions for ambitious commercial projects. After more than 45 years in business, Heritage Commercial Finance continues to listen intently to the cases and requirements of each client individually in order to match them with their perfect product.

Specialising primarily in short-term bridging loans and development finance, Heritage Commercial Finance has a reputation for providing extraordinary customer service. Loans are currently available up to a maximum of £750,000 over periods of 1 to 18 months, with applications accepted from clients across the United Kingdom. Commission rates are set at 50% of the acceptance fee, with typical interest rates on bridging loans starting at 0.8%. In terms of security, Heritage Commercial Finance accepts a variety of real estate collateral, including residential property, commercial property, land, and many more.

Along with low-cost financing for a variety of commercial projects, Heritage Commercial Finance also specialises in rapid payouts. Having acknowledged the urgency of funding for most businesses and entrepreneurs in search of bridging finance, Heritage Commercial Finance goes to extreme lengths to avoid unnecessary delays and ensure clients receive their funding as quickly as possible.

Here at UK Property Finance, we understand the importance of peace of mind and value for money. Working closely with specialist lenders like Heritage Commercial Finance, we go the extra mile to identify the best possible deals and the lowest rates for every client we work with.

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