Holme Finance Bridging Solutions

Holme Finance Bridging Solutions (aka HF Bridging) is a leading financial services provider that champions a different kind of lending. No stranger to the specialist lending market, HF Bridging has been offering dynamic short-term loans to UK borrowers for more than 15 years. Handling all underwriting and issuing processes in-house, loans from HF Bridging are built upon three core values: simpler, quicker, and cheaper short-term borrowing.

Initially established as a privately run family business, HF Bridging takes a uniquely old-fashioned approach to lending. Removing all unnecessary complexities from the equation, HF Bridging prefers to discuss and agree to deal with one single call. An approach that streamlines and simplifies applications for the customer’s benefit, allowing funds to be transferred within a matter of days.

Today, HF Bridging provides advances starting at £5,000 with no specific upper limits. First, second, and third-charge loans are available, with LTVs up to 70% in accordance with the requirements. HF Bridging lends against residential and commercial properties and partially completed developments with bare minimum borrowing costs and no default rates at term expiry. Open to developers and investors at all levels, HF Bridging also provides loans for short-term business cash flow issues, planned or urgent refurbishments, property purchases at auctions, and more.

HF Bridging champions the personal touch that’s often absent in the bridging loan arena. At UK Property Finance, we take real pride and pleasure in working with forward-thinking, customer-focused lenders like HF Bridging. In order to guarantee the best possible deal for every customer, we consider bridging loans from dozens of leading specialists to find the most flexible and affordable options available. Whatever your budget and requirements, we guarantee an unbeatable deal and the all-around independent support you deserve.

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