Providing an extensive range of short-term property finance services for the non-regulated property market, Lendhub is one of the more newly established specialist lenders on the scene. Specialising in bridging loans and development finance for individual applicants and businesses, Lendhub has become a household name among brokers and borrowers alike.

Lendhub is overseen by an experienced team of financial professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Along with exceptional speed and efficiency, the company was founded to bring a new level of transparency and objectivity to the specialist lending sector.

Today, Lendhub offers a dynamic range of bridging loans for all purposes, available from £100,000 and up. All loans issued must be repaid within a maximum of 12 months, with a standard LTV upper limit of 75%. Applicants can opt for monthly repayments or a single lump-sum payment at the end of the term if preferred. At the time of writing, Lendhub was advertising a highly competitive monthly interest rate, starting at just 0.65% per month.

Lendhub is also one of the more flexible lenders on the market with respect to qualifying properties to borrow money against. In addition, no exit fees are payable on any of the loans issued. All loans are tailored to meet the requirements and budgets of each client individually and are typically made accessible within a week of the application’s submission.

UK Property Finance is committed to helping proactive borrowers gain access to the most cost-effective bridging loans the UK has to offer. Working closely with an extensive network of specialist lenders like Lendhub, we’re able to compare hundreds of deals to find the best possible solution. No matter how much you need to borrow and whatever your intentions for the loan, we’ll guarantee an unbeatable deal and the ultimate customer support package.

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