Lowry Capital

Providing an extensive range of short-term financial products and services, Lowry Capital is an award-winning bridging loan specialist. Lowry Capital offers bridging finance from £25,000 up to £2 million, secured against residential, semicommercial, and commercial properties across the UK (excluding Northern Ireland).

Established to offer a more personal and bespoke service to property investors and businesses, Lowry Capital is noted for its flexible and forward-thinking approach. Supporting complex and ambitious property development projects across Great Britain, Lowry typically provides access to the funds required within 5 to 7 working days. By approving and issuing all loans internally, delays and general underwriting issues are eliminated from the equation.

Along with property investment and development projects, Lowry Capital also provides loans for business investments, bridging cash flow gaps, meeting tax liabilities, and more. Repayment terms are as flexible as the loans themselves, tailored to meet the requirements of each borrower individually. Interest rates and borrowing costs are also calculated based on the specifics of each loan issued in order to ensure maximum competitiveness.

Lowry Capital is a specialist lender that responds to the needs of today’s borrowers with a portfolio of flexible, fast-access credit facilities for a multitude of purposes. UK Property Finance is proud to work closely with innovative lenders like Lowry Capital, which continues to set new standards for Britain’s non-bank lending sector. For the benefit of our customers, we consider a diverse range of funding solutions from an extensive network of specialist providers across the UK. Whatever you need and however urgent your requirements are, we’ll compare the market on your behalf to find you an unbeatable deal.

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