Octane Capital

Launched in May 2017, Octane Capital is a dynamic newcomer to the specialist lending sector in the UK. However, the founders of Octane Capital arrived with a wealth of invaluable experience. Together, the team behind Octane Capital has issued loans valued at more than £2bn on over four thousand separate products.

What sets Octane Capital apart from competing lenders is the firm’s complete exclusion of product sheets and loan term standardisation. Octane acknowledges and accepts that every client’s requirements are different, ensuring that every loan provided is tailored accordingly. Offering loans from £150,000 up to £25 million and beyond, Octane Capital lends against residential property, semicommercial property, commercial property, and land.

Built around the values of certainty, experience, access, and flexibility, Octane Capital is on a mission to redefine ultra-bespoke lending for the more discerning borrower. This fast-growing financial powerhouse guarantees loans that are adapted to the applicant’s needs—never the other way around. Flexible repayment terms of up to 24 months are available, with competitive rates of interest and no exit penalties for early repayment. Best of all, every communication with Octane Capital takes place with an actual decision-maker—no middlemen and no complex layers of underwriting.

Octane Capital goes the extra mile to process all applications immediately upon receipt, typically issuing loans within five working days. Since going into business, Octane Capital has been recognised on countless occasions for its capacity to outperform the competition by way of both flexibility and value for money.

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