Quivira Capital

Founded in 2011 by Rajiv Nathwani, Quivira Capital proudly bills itself as a new-generation lender. The business was established to take the concept of personalised services for property developers and investors to an entirely higher level. Starting out as a small private lender specialising primarily in bridging finance, today’s Quivira Capital offers loans of up to £40 million for a variety of property development and investment purposes. Regardless of the size of the loan, however, what separates Quivira Capital from most lenders is the inclusion of that all-important personal touch.

Having identified the requirement for the provision of funding for ambitious projects in the shortest possible time, Quivira Capital has always focused on promptness and punctuality. Nevertheless, the Quivira Capital team insists on personally evaluating and analysing every application manually, rather than relying on established qualification criteria or computer algorithms.

The range of products available from Quivira Capital is divided into three categories, referred to by the company as vanilla facilities, exotic facilities, and bespoke facilities. Just a few examples of the kinds of services currently provided by Quivira Capital include auction finance, bridging loans for property redevelopment purposes, development finance, and so much more. Quivira can fund up to 70% of the GDV of a development project, with interest rates and attached fees being calculated individually for each client on a case-by-case basis.

Committed to pressure-free, obligation-free consultancy for new and existing property developers alike, Quivira Capital prides itself on being a uniquely open, approachable, and accessible specialist financial service provider.

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