Roma Finance

Roma Finance is a fair and transparent bridging loan provider offering fast and effective short-term borrowing solutions that are appropriate for a diverse client base, including employed homeowners, self-employed business owners, buy-to-let landlords, and experienced property developers.

Their head office is based in Manchester, England, and the products they provide are suitable for UK borrowers, including individuals, partnerships, and limited companies. In some cases, the team at Roma Finance prefers to meet their clients face-to-face as opposed to simply dealing with them over the telephone or via email, although this is not always an essential requirement.

The flexible lending criteria enable the borrower to use virtually any property type as security for the loan in question. This includes bed and breakfasts, light industrial units, farm buildings, agricultural land, offices, residential property, warehouses, and properties that are no longer in use and require refurbishment or redevelopment work to be carried out, such as shut-down pubs and care homes.

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