Before we process any personal information you have provided us with and pass those details on to a third party in order to find you a suitable finance package, we are required by law to have your consent. If you would like us to arrange a borrowing option on your behalf through one of our partners, then you must agree to the following:

  • By using our website and providing us with your personal details, you are giving us permission to store your information on a computer and/or paper.
  • Any personal information that you provide us with will be shared or disclosed to selected agencies in order for your application to be processed successfully and for fraud prevention purposes.
  • UK Property Finance can use the information you have supplied for the purpose of contacting you for product marketing, either by telephone, email, fax, or post, should we discover any additional services we feel you could benefit from.
  • There may be times when we need to store your information outside the EU for backup reasons. By using our services, you also consent to your data being stored on our US-based servers. This is solely for security reasons and to help us deal with disaster recovery issues quickly and effectively.
  • There may also be times when our partners (or any third parties we have supplied your information to) may wish to contact you in the future. By giving us your details, you are giving your consent to being contacted by these third parties in instances where they feel their services could be of benefit to you—again, by fax, email, post, or telephone. Additionally, we may also track your visit to our website in order to bring you information on new products and services that may be of interest to you.

You reserve the right to withdraw any consent given above at any time. You may also request a copy of the information we have stored about you by sending an email to [email protected].

There is an administration charge of £10 to cover the costs of providing you with a copy of your stored information.