Self-Employed Loans

Most lending facilities are inclined to view sole traders and self-employed workers as having an unreliable income, even if their business is an obvious success.

The majority of lenders perceive self-employed individuals as high-risk borrowers when seeking a loan; however, we are delighted to provide a sophisticated lending service that specifically caters to the requirements of all homeowners and mortgage holders in the UK.

Our objective is to offer affordable financing options, irrespective of their employment status, be it sole traders, self-employed individuals, or those in regular employment.

Apply for a self-employed loan

If you are a homeowner with a minimum of one year of self-employment and can provide us with six months of bank statements, we can assist you. Our secured loan amounts for the self-employed generally range from £15,000 to £250,000.

Should you require financial support to expand your business, such as by acquiring new equipment like a company van, or if you need funds for home improvements or debt consolidation, our flexible loans for UK business owners offer significant flexibility. Self-employment loans can be secured against residential property with equity to cover loan repayments.

Our loan specialists will be happy to engage in a personalised discussion about your specific borrowing needs. Additionally, you may use our secured loan calculator to obtain a general estimate of your total borrowing expenses prior to making an application.

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