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Whether you are looking to purchase an apartment at short notice or fund major renovation works of any kind, you will find our flexible bridging loans unbeatable.

Apartment purchase and renovation bridging loans

Tailored to meet the exact requirements of all types of property investments and developers, our bridging loans provide a flexible and affordable alternative to conventional loans and mortgages.

Typical applications for bridging loans for apartments and flats include the following:

  • The purchase of new flats and apartments
  • Extensive renovations and improvements
  • Property extensions and repurposing projects
  • Student housing investments
  • Mixed-use property purchase and development
  • Flats and apartment conversions
  • Senior housing and assisted living projects
  • New-build property developments

What is a flat or apartment bridging loan?

A bridging loan is simply a short-term secured loan that can be used for almost any property purchase or improvement project. Bridging finance is typically secured against the property that the borrower plans to purchase, but other assets can be used to secure the required funding.

Typically repaid within 1 to 18 months, a bridging loan can work out exponentially more cost-effectively than a more conventional mortgage or property loan.

Additional features and benefits of our bridging loans for apartments include the following:

  • No proof of income is required.
  • Poor credit applicants are welcome.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd charge loans are available.
  • Interest rates starting from 0.55% per month.
  • LTV of up to 75%.
  • Various assets are acceptable as security.
  • Minimum loan size £25,000.
  • Available to applicants across the UK.

Importantly, an apartment bridging loan can be used to fund the purchase of a derelict, uninhabitable, or non-standard property, which is typically excluded by major banks and lenders.

Flexible and affordable bridging loans for all purposes

Prior to applying for a bridging loan of any kind, it is essential to consult with an independent broker to ensure you get the best possible deal. At, we conduct whole-of-market searches on behalf of our clients, negotiating hard with an extensive panel of specialist lenders.