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Martin Lewis is one of the most revered names in personal finance, famed for launching MoneySavingExpert in 2003. His comparison site would go on to save millions of households billions of pounds, comparing deals on everything from insurance to mortgages to household gas and electricity suppliers.

Today, Martin Lewis’ MoneySavingExpert is part of the Moneysupermarket brand, having been purchased for £87 million in 2012. Martin Lewis remains the face of Money Saving Expert but is no longer the brand’s owner.

Bridging loans is not a product that has ever fallen within the portfolio of Martin Lewis or the two comparison sites he is affiliated with. MoneySupermarket provides a basic introductory guide to bridging loans but does not compare or provide bridging finance itself.

Customers interested in bridging loans are instead redirected to a third-party provider, which sources bridging loans from a selection of UK lenders.

Flexible bridging loans for all purposes

At, we specialise in a broad range of bridging and development finance products to suit all requirements and budgets. Our team works closely with an extensive panel of top-rated lenders across the UK, negotiating unbeatable deals and exclusive rates on behalf of our clients.

Unlike most comparison sites, we conduct a whole-of-market comparison to help our customers find the best possible deals on flexible bridging loans. Our close working relationships with our partner providers enable us to streamline and simplify all aspects of the application process, resulting in a smooth and straightforward transaction for our customers.

With all the essential paperwork in place, a bridging loan can be arranged and accessed within a few working days. Ideal for time-critical purchases and investment opportunities, a bridging loan can be taken out with as little as 0.55% interest per month.

For more information or to discuss the potential benefits of bridging finance in more detail, contact a member of the team at today.

How bridging finance works with

At, we create bespoke short-term funding solutions for private customers and commercial borrowers from all backgrounds.

During your initial consultation, we will help you build a clear picture of the options available, along with which type of funding best suits your requirements. We will then compare deals from dozens of specialist lenders, many of which offer their services exclusively via broker introductions.

Bridging loans can be taken out over a period of 1 to 24 months, with the option of making regular interest payments or rolling up the interest into the final lump-sum loan repayment.

For more extensive property development and construction projects, we also arrange affordable development finance with the help of our trusted lending partners. Call anytime to learn more or to discuss your requirements in detail with the team at

Martin Lewis doesn’t offer bridging finance, so how do I get it?

If you’re in need of bridging finance but Martin Lewis isn’t the go-to source, don’t fret! There are specialised lenders in the United Kingdom who exclusively cater to bridging loans.

When it comes to securing the most advantageous terms for a bridging loan, it’s crucial to partner with a trustworthy bridging finance company that conducts a thorough market analysis.

Look no further than, the ultimate solution for all your bridging finance requirements! With an impressive track record spanning more than two decades in the finance industry, is wholeheartedly committed to delivering a top-notch service that meets your needs with utmost precision.

What distinguishes from the competition?

We differ by allowing you to:

  • Enjoy the advantages of remarkably low-interest rates, starting as low as 0.55%.
  • Borrow any amount, starting from £20,000.
  • Gain access to the entire financial market, making sure you have access to the best options that are available to you.
  • Secure the best possible terms and conditions for your bridging finances.
  • Rely on our extensive expertise, catering to the requirements of both proprietors and property developers.
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